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Bury St. Edmunds Model Railway Club

Annual Exhibition 2018


34th Street (The Last Summer) - USA Tramway

Exhibitor: Andrew Knights (Wealden Railway Group)

Why “The Last Summer”?
This model was inspired by a track plan given to WRG by Giles Barnabe. His version was set in California, using the Pacific Electric and its fruit service as its operation. Not wishing to have all the overhead wires and trolley poles, beloved of US Interurban lines, I moved the line to Milwaukee State. Milwaukee was connected to Chicago by the North Shore Line, an interurban with a very fast service, even by today's standards. The trains ran into their Chicago terminal over the famous “EL”. For this part of their journey they used the provided third rail supply. This system is used by this line to connect to the downtown shopping area that is 34thStreet.The interurban cars provide a rapid passenger service whilst both steam and diesel locomotives switch cars for the few sidings around this yard. The cars are switched using a card system. A picture card for each car, when dealt out, these dictate where the operators place the individual cars, or tries too. Why the sub title? The North Shore Electric closed on January 31st 1963. This then is the last summer of operation for our little line. Hence the film crews making a documentary for posterity. If you have any questions, do please ask the man with the throttle!

Abbey Street - S Scale (1:64 3/16":ft)
BR (E) late 1950's - early 60's

Exhibitor: Jas Milham

The layout represents a small station near a town centre at the end of an urban branch line from an out of town mainline station. Colour light installed: situated in a built up area.

Barrow Fells - N Scale (new to exhibitions this year)
Modern Image 2000+

Exhibitor: Brian Fretwell Bury St Edmunds MRC

Modern Image inspired by the West Coast Main Line near Shap. Catenary and wires make for a realistic representation with two track main line and an a loop in either direction. A quarry represents a loading facility with accurate vehicles displayed. Working signal box and colour light signalling. Predominantly modern image with occasional steam excursions.

Botterill Street Yard - O Scale (7mm / ft)
Modern image c 1960's Depot

Exhibitor: Peter Rye

A c 1960's Depot and associated operating yard area. Kit built and highly detailed ready to run stock with very high class buildings and scenic backdrop.

Brent Eleigh West Suffolk Light Railway - 009 scale (4mm / ft) - narrow gauge
Springtime early 1950's period

Exhibitor: Peter Rednall

Brent Eleigh is a small village lying between Sudbury and Bildeston in West Suffolk. Following the 1896 Light Railway Act a line was surveyed by Col Stephens to link Hadleigh with Long Melford with the intention of developing the agricultural economy of the local area. The railway was never built but this is a fine representation of a narrow gauge version of what might have been With a little modellers licence the route has been slightly tweaked at Brent Eleigh to allow trains to leave for Lavenham.

Cobbolds Wharf, Ipswich Docks - S7 scale DCC / sound (new to exhibitions this year)
1950's dock scene

Exhibitor: Bury St Edmunds MRC - David Fennell & team

Bury St Edmunds MRC's first voyage into building a very exacting S7 scale layout. Modelled generally on an area of Ipswich docks the layout which is still being built as you can see represents what it would have been like in the 1950's when the docks were past their prime but still functioning. You will see the main warehouse building "Cobbolds Wharf" not the prototypical name but representative of the family ties to the area: the Public Warehouse: timber yard and various storage areas. All ready to run stock has to be modified and regauged and scratch / kit built stock carefully adjusted to ensure realism of the correct track proportions. All the track and crane rails are hand built - just look at the detail in the handmade point work.

Dock Green Loco - 0 scale Industrial Loco Depot
1950s industrial dockland

Exhibitor: Colin and Margaret French

This exhibit demonstrates a fictional layout based around an Industrial Loco Depot in a docklands setting as can be seen from the back scene. The loco shed is closed permanently as a result of wartime bomb damage. All the requirements of the docks are met by the Dock Company's locos with the occasional visit from mainline traction. The design is three parallel tracks (two front scene and one hidden) with a traverser to reduce the length of the layout by avoiding point work. Watch out for PC Dixon who is continuing with his enquiries!!

Empress Road Shed - N scale DCC / sound (new to exhibitions this year)
Preservation depot

Exhibitor: Steven Hughes

Based on the established Great Central Railway depot at Loughborough this layout demonstrates the varied and generally random nature of preservation exceptionally well with diesels, steam and rolling stock of various origins and periods.

Emsworth - OO scale DCC
Modern Image c 2000 Yorkshire

Set in a medium sized town in Yorkshire it is a development and rationalisation of the old Midland and Lancs. & Yorks. Railways with all the losses and redundancy that occurred as a result. Busy commuter services run and there is still a variety of freight services. Rationalisation has occurred with regard to the station as you will see in both station structure and signalling. The station buildings are kit and scratch built with stock being weathered to varying degrees.

Hartshill Bank - N Scale
Modern Image

Exhibitor: John Cox

This fine layout exhibits a double track mainline with a station and town scene utilising scratch built buildings and Pola kits. You will see the well populated buildings, station and market halls painstakingly occupied by 360 people including mounted police horses and deer near the station. You will also see the locomotive depot and canal in the foreground. A very fine example of high class modelling skills.

Hobbs Warren - O scale DCC
GE Steam 1948 - 1962

Exhibitor:Terry Cooke

We make no apologies for inviting the popular and highly regarded Hobbs Warren back to this exhibition. The layout is populated as we request and this year we have requested steam of the period indicated. Hobbs Warren (a haven for rabbits) depicts the roads in an Eastern Region shed with associated small wagon repair and maintenance facility.

Hornby Dublo - Classic 00
Classis Hornby Dublo 1940 - 1950's

Exhibitor: Peter Willis - Member of the Hornby Dublo Collectors Society

Dining table sized layout running tinplate stock with metal diecast locomotives and buildings. Note the three rail track with centre pick up locomotives - very different from today's offerings but highly regarded nevertheless. Note the goods depot, engine shed and look carefully for the TPO with associated collector and despatch for loaded mailbags.

Lakeview & Havawatch Railway - N scale DCC / sound
Preservation line inspired by Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway

Exhibitor: Steven Hughes

Designed to demonstrate just what can be done by using a picnic table as a design base! Emphasis of modelling skills and scenic dexterity the railway runs through beautiful country settings.

Long Melford - OO scale DCC
Prototypical junction at Long Melford late 1950's

Exhibitor: Nigel Locke

Bury St Edmunds MRC have been exceedingly fortunate to secure this layout for a one day show. Due to the complexities and size (34ft long) the norm is to restrict the exhibit to a minimum two days shows. Nigel has agreed to do what he rarely does and agree to show the exhibition just what can be achieved and why! In brief its Uncle Eric's fault. He was the signalman at Long Melford Junction signal box and Nigel spent much time in the box over the period before closure. Newly built and a "first" for this exhibition is the renown Maltings at Long Melford. Please take time to talk to Nigel about the signalling and all the work that has gone into the necessary scratch building of the scenery, buildings and especially the signal box and its functions. This really is a local gem and of the highest quality.

Longstone - Gn15 scale: 15" narrow gauge in 1:24th scale (new to exhibitions this year)
Fictional 15" gauge railway set in North Yorkshire 1950-60's

Exhibitors: Graham and Caroline Watling

Again we are very privileged to receive this unusual layout at the very advent of its time on the exhibition circuit. Built by a husband and wife team the layout can be viewed from THREE sides (exhibition managers nightmare!) and represents their first foray into this scale having modelled extensively in 009 previously. Featured are the three scenes, village street, moorland with the "gill" and a woollen mill. Step back and drift into the atmosphere created and see the resin and brass kit built locos and take in the work involved in building the extensive stock and properties displayed.

Norton Wood - 00 scale Analogue (new to the exhibition circuit this year)
1986 period Network South East 3rd rail

Exhibitors: Graham Minshall & Kelvin Barnes

Always pleased to welcome layouts with the Kelvin Barnes touch. An experienced and high quality model railway professional who generates interesting and quality layouts frequently with something just a little bit different! This period demonstrates the commuter railway in the dashing (!) Network South East livery based around operations on the Southern Region of the pre denationalisation railway managed so effectively by Chris Green

Peak Forest - 00 fine scale
Modern Image

Exhibitor: Chris Martin

Exhibiting a comprehensive freight operation in the Peak Forest area formerly of the Midland Railway. Extensive quarrying operations are experienced here and due to restrictions on commercial vehicle movements in the area of outstanding national beauty much of the product of the quarries is moved by rail to industry countrywide. This is ably demonstrated as are the intricacies of inbound empty workings and outbound laden aggregate and cement services.

Penny Lane - 00 fine scale
Modern Image

Exhibitor: Peter Worton

The original Penny Lane steam shed opened in 1893 and closed in 1966. Land sell off and the advance of nature told a heavy toll and even the canal fell into disrepair. Trainload Coal needed a depot for local coal operations: Mersey PTE needed a servcing depot for passenger services and Penny Lane was the ideal location. As the depot building was Grade 2 listed this was used for the PTE and a new depot built for diesels. Overheads have been installed and track maintenance is in progress. Look for Regional Railway, Intercity and Railfreight locos as well as the occasional charter service with steam traction.

Singleton Lane - OO - (New to the exhibition circuit this year)
Modern Image

Exhibitor: Dave Smith

After retiring Hansell Road, Dave has generated a new layout based on a single track branch line which could be anywhere in England that escaped the Beeching Axe. There is also an up and down main line with a working farm and a river which flows under the bridges. Look for occasional barge operations too. Stock is drawn from the owners range and modellers licence will let you see a good variety not just what you might expect. Be warned!

Tibble Mills - OO DCC / sound (New to the exhibition circuit this year- first show)
Modern image - c 2000

Exhibitors: Geoff Tibble & Ian Harper

A new layout from the hands of local Bury St Edmunds modellers Geoff Tibble and Ian Harper depicts a traction depot with associated operational buildings and depot facilities. Look for the high quality of build specification, weathering techniques and the amount of detail packed in to the 12 foot length of the scene.

Torrecastle Viaduct - N scale code 55 track
Modern Image 1970- 80 period

Exhibitor: David Evans

Torrecastle Viaduct is a freelance layout built to exacting N scale code 55 track work. The layout is continuous and features a double track mainline with the walled city of Torrecastle at one end and the viaduct at the other. Trains appear on and off scene on their way to and from the fiddle yard. Branch line trains shuttle between Torrecastle Central and an off scene location. Note the transitional period when semaphore signals are being replaced by colour lights and overhead catenary is being installed.

Whitburn Corporation Tramway - Historic Tramway
Tramway c 1930

Exhibitors: Andrew & David Burchall

We welcome a representation of something a little different. This exhibit takes its name from the village on the north east coast between South Shields and Sunderland. It depicts a small tramway as it may have appeared c 1930. The tram fleet dates from c1905 when the system opened and the original open topped trams have been modified and upgraded with top deck roofs and windscreens! The fleet has been augmented by trams similar to those introduced in main conurbations - and the first signs of competition from the motor bus are in evidence. Please look to see the scratch and kit built buildings, the detailed catenary and ask about the Gaugemaster feedback controllers that have been linked to a purpose built sequencer for effective operation. No ready to run here!