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Bury St. Edmunds Model Railway Club

Sumware - N Gauge Exhibition Layout

Important News

Currently Sumware is not available for exhibitions.
The layout is having major works carried out to it, by way of all new track being laid a complete electrical re-wire and making it DCC compatible.

The layout however will be available for exhibitions early 2019.
Sumware was built with the intention of being an exhibition layout. It is a double track main line with large through station, with a small station serving a single track branch line. It also has some goods sidings serving the main station.

Control of the main line is by two DC controllers with the single track branch controlled by an automatic shuttle made from a MERG kit.

It is it is not set to any particular period as members with different interests provide the stock. When it is exhibited it is run to a sequence from Pre BR Steam, right up to the present day. The actual size is 25’ x 2’6 requiring a footprint of 28’ x 6’.

To book our layouts for your exhibition, please email our members representative, Simon Fox